Blue Heath Co 100% Plant-Based Hand Sanitizer 70% Natural Ethyl Alcohol with aloe, cotton and lavender oils Safe. Effective. Natural. Healthy. Sustainable. Vegan   Plant Based Hand Sanitizer. No traditional chemical additives. FDA Compliant Facility  . FDA registered. Safe. Effective. Natural. Healthy. Sustainable. Vegan

Better For You​

Hygiene & soft hands together​

Friendlier to your skin especially when used daily basis.​​

​We produce our own formula that offers hygiene AND skincare, all derived from plants. ​

Contains emollients so it moisturizes naturally.   Aloe Vera penetrates the skin deeply and creates a natural barrier to protect your skin without weighing you down. ​

Safe to use on sensitive skin. 

Be natuarl & healthy  

Sanitizes & Moisturizes your hands

And it's safe

for kids!

Better for you.

Better for the environment.

Vegan. Sustainable. Cruelty-Free

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100% Plant-Based Hand Sanitizer