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That is a question you here that more frequently today….and for good reason as it has become more important than ever in our daily lives.  

Here at BlueEarth, it is just as important what we make the product with as what we don’t.  

Your skin is your largest organ.  It will absorb what you apply to it -good or bad.  

Have peace of mind with BlueEarth that you are not putting unnecessary chemicals on your skin that are being absorbed into your body. 

Here are just some examples of ingredients we don't use:

  • TEA (triethanolamine). While Federal regulations allow small doses of triethanolamine in beauty and personal care products, they have proven hazardous short and long-term effects ranging from skin and eye irritation to damaging the respiratory and immune systems. In clinical trials done on animals, high doses of Triethanolamine caused cancer testing not conclusive for humans. 

  • Synthetic carbomers - These can carry contaminants that can be potentially carcinogenic 

  • Isopropyl alcohol also called rubbing alcohol.  A petrochemical that can be absorbed through the skin and through inhalation of vapors. It is a known neurotoxin, meaning toxic to the nervous system 

  • Fake fragrances can be made from many unknown and potentially hazardous ingredients 



*FDA Compliant Facility 

*FDA registered product  

*Independently tested for Methanol-passed 

*Vegan; Does not contain animal-derived components 

No more worrying.  Free from questionable ingredients.   

Be safe & effective 


Bring piece of mind with the best of nature.

Where you live. Where you work. While you travel. We go where you go.

Blue Heath Co 100% Plant-Based Hand Sanitizer 70% Natural Ethyl Alcohol with aloe, cotton and lavender oils Safe. Effective. Natural. Healthy. Sustainable. Vegan   Plant Based Hand Sanitizer. No traditional chemical additives. FDA Compliant Facility  . FDA registered. Safe. Effective. Natural. Healthy. Sustainable. Vegan

Better for you.

Better for the environment.

Vegan. Sustainable. Cruelty-Free

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